Use of Cookies

Nature Quebec uses cookies to target our communications and to increase the efficiency of our campaigns. 

For example, we use specific links in our emails to track open rates of our newsletters and to collect anonymous information on our social media pages and our website which allows us to track the number of clicks on a link or the amount of visits to a given page.

We also use a Facebook tracking pixel to understand the content on our website that you are most interested in. This allows us to determine which advertisements you would be interested in seeing on Facebook. You can opt out directly on Facebook by clicking on “Why do I see this?”, ” Options “, then” Hide all ads from this advertiser “.

This information is very useful when determining what the type of content we share and to measure how efficient it is in pushing us closer to achieving our mission. It also allows us to target those who would be most willing to support our campaigns in a way that won’t be repetitive and that won’t “flood” your e-mail inbox or your news feed. 

That said, it is possible to stop the collection of the anonymous data. To do so, you must edit the cookies, cache and JavaScript settings in your browser. 

Remember that changing these settings could affect the performance of our web features and, in some cases, could prevent you from using certain pages or forms on our site.

Visit the settings page in the browser that you use to learn more.